Eiken Maritime ensures your vessel's propulsion system runs smoothly with expert spare parts services, onboard inspections, and maintenance for Centa, Stromag, and Jaure couplings. 

Reliable Marine Propulsion System Services

The propulsion system is a critical component for managing any vessel, as it is responsible for moving the ship forward. An effective spare parts service is essential in this context, providing the necessary components to repair or replace vital parts promptly.
With robust maintenance practices and a reliable service partner, many potential issues can be addressed efficiently before they escalate into major problems at sea. Ensuring that your vessel operates with fully functional technology at all times requires continuous attention from skilled technicians and ready access to up-to-date spare parts.

Proper repair and maintenance are indispensable for the optimal performance of your vessel’s propulsion systems. Eiken Maritime conducts onboard inspections for Centa, Stromag, and Jaure couplings, checking running hours, rubber hardness, permanent setting, and crack measurement.

Our service partner, NorWest Marine Services, supports installation and maintenance for our couplings and provides CIP cleaning for plate heat exchangers.

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