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Project Sales Rexnord Centa

Rexnord Centa Marine – project sales of flexible rubber couplings
Transmissions for Gen Sets, 4 Stroke Main Engine, PTI / PTO Gearboxes, Hybrid Driveline & Construction machines.

Coupling: Centax / Centalink / Centamax / Centaflex
Carbon & Steel Shafting: Centa Carbon / Centadisc

  • Bulkhead seal
  • Flange housing
  • Electromagnetic clutch

Project Sales WinGD 2-Stroke Engine & Hybrid Systems

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD) is a leading developer of low-speed gas and diesel engines for propulsion power in all types of merchant, deep-sea ships, worldwide.

The portfolio of WinGD engines provides reliable and safe solutions for today and tomorrow.

Today, X-DF low-pressure gas engines deliver the lowest overall emission level of any available technology for merchant ship propulsion.

We are ready to discuss your next project related to:

  • Diesel engine
  • Dual Fuel engine
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Alternative fuels

“The shipping industry need partners understanding the complete power plant and related auxiliary systems to optimize the fuel consumption and minimize emission”; this WinGD and Eiken Maritime can support you with.

Aftersales Rexnord Centa

Rexnord Centa Marine – Aftersales / Spare parts for flexible rubber couplings. Couplings for Gen Sets, 4 Stroke Main Engine, PTI / PTO Gearboxes, Hybrid Driveline & Construction machines.

Flexible rubber couplings are made of natural rubber. Rubber change characteristics over time, and it is strongly recommended to replace them at regular intervals. For medium speed engines rubber elements should be replaced every 10 years/ 50.000 running hours. For high speed engines rubber elements should be replaced every 5 years/ 25.000 running hours.

The flexible rubber coupling can be looked at as the “fuse” in the driveline;
Unexpected engine behavior can cause coupling damage and save generator or gear box. Objects in the water blocking propeller can cause coupling damage and save the driveline components If you run your coupling longer than manufactures recommendation, increased vibrations and forces will be transferred into gearbox or generator in addition to structural noise, this will increase wear and tear of these components or in worst case cause breakdown.
Couplings; Centax / Centalink / Centamax / Centaflex 

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Exchange / Service Rexnord Centa

Exchange – skilled retrofit technicians
Our dedicated aftersales and retrofit team can advise you or your ship’s crew in replacing other couplings brands. This could reduce your lead time and reduce your budget for replacement of complete coupling or rubber element

Services – Norwest Marine Service. Cooperation agreement has been made with Norwest Marine Service to conduct services for Eiken Maritime. Norwest Marine Service has conducted needed training for the Rexnord Centa products.
Installation of couplings
High torque wrenches