X-DF Dual-Fuel LNG

WinGD's optimized Low-Pressure Dual-Fuel Technology including VCR (Variable Compression Ratio) and iCER exhaust gas recirculation unit, offer the best DF LNG solution in the market. Engineered for flexibility and efficiency, this cutting-edge solution seamlessly operates on both gas and liquid fuels, ensuring reliable and safe performance.

Low-Pressure Dual-Fuel Technology

WinGD's low-pressure dual-fuel technology is designed to offer a flexible propulsion solution that operates efficiently, reliably, and safely on both gas and liquid fuels. Based on the innovative low-pressure gas system concept, this technology requires a competitive initial investment and meets Tier III emission standards without the need for external exhaust gas after-treatment systems. X-DF technology ensures future-fuel flexibility and low emissions, contributing to cleaner air today.

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