Diesel Engines

Discover the future of marine propulsion with WinGD's X52, X62, X72, X82, and X92 diesel engines. Engineered for vessel efficiency and environmental responsibility, these engines are designed to meet EEDI regulations, reduce emissions, and provide exceptional operational flexibility.

Key Features and Benefits with WinGD's Diesel Engines 

Ideal for new merchant vessels, these engines deliver outstanding propulsion efficiency and minimized daily fuel consumption, ensuring your fleet operates at peak performance. With these engines, you get: 

Optimized Efficiency and Flexibility:

  • High propulsion efficiency due to lower engine revolutions.
  • Wide rating field for optimal propeller speed selection.
  • Minimized daily fuel consumption by selecting appropriate propeller diameter.

Advanced Operational Features:

  • Electronically-controlled common-rail technology for reduced fuel costs.
  • Flexible fuel injection and exhaust valve operations lower fuel consumption across all loads.
  • Intelligent Combustion Control (ICC) system for further fuel savings and balanced cylinder performance.
  • Different engine tunings (Delta By-Pass and Low Load) available to meet specific customer needs.

Compliance and Environmental Responsibility:

  • Fully compliant with IMO Tier III NOx emission levels when equipped with an SCR catalyst system.
  • EEDI index compliance focuses on CO2 emissions and overall vessel efficiency.
  • Internal engine and propulsion efficiencies, with options for Power Take-Off (PTO) arrangements for on-board electricity production.
  • Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) systems enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Future-Proof and DF-Ready:

  • All Generation X engines can be converted to use LNG as fuel.
  • DF-ready version simplifies future conversion with no major structural modifications needed.
  • Conversion involves typical wear parts or specific X-DF components and systems, making it ideal for LNG-ready ships.

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